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Free Advice 1 - Maintaining your PC

1. Make sure that your computer does not become cluttered with unnecessary files. A simple method to begin with would be to search your computer for ‘*.tmp’ files. These are created when Software is installed, and also when Documents in Word Processors are created - so for every document file you will find a corresponding *.tmp file. After using Windows search (if using Windows 7) for the files, wait until it has finished its search and then highlight all the .tmp files by pressing left Ctrl+ A to select them all then press the delete key - this will remove them to the recycle bin - empty your recycle bin afterward.

2. Backup your Critical Data on a regular basis - photos, legal documents, correspondence etc. Invest in: DVD’s/DVD-RW, external hard drive - back up your entire system or simply backup data - the easiest software to use is Acronis True Image Home for this purpose.

3. If you use your PC regularly, do a hard drive analysis for defragmenting once a quarter - if it reports you need to defragment the drive, be sure to run chkdsk first - if you are having serious slowdown of your hard drive even after checking for viruses and malware, run ‘chkdsk /r’.

4. Once every 6 months you may want to search for *.chk files - if you find a lot of these your hard drive could be failing!