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Penguin Computing was formed to help you get a more productive experience with an alternative Operating System at your disposal.

Change of Direction for Blue Penguin Computing!

Due to the life cycle of Windows 7 coming to an end, Blue Penguin Computing will no longer be resolving issues for Windows 8.x or 10. We will however support users wanting to run Windows 7 as a virtual machine inside their chosen GNU/Linux OS of choice if that is what they wish.

We can test run an alternative system on your computer without installing so you can see how easy it is to use without the need for continuous updates (which always seem to happen when you want to do some productive work and slows down your system during the update process!) or Anti-virus scans. Our primary OS of choice will be Zorin Core, Lite and Educational releases as Zorin offers the best all round option when considering additional requirements such as Accessibility working out of the box. We will still offer data recovery with no charge if nothing recovered.

For stability reasons we will limit the choice of alternative Operating Systems to proven and tried alternatives. Main alternatives on offer are:  ZorinOS , FerenOS and MXLinux.